1.01 In this By-Law, and in any other By-Law of the CRTO, unless otherwise defined or required by the context of the specific provision, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings set out below:
  Act The Respiratory Therapy Act, 1991, as amended from time to time and the regulations made under it
  Appointed Officer An employee of the CRTO appointed by the Council, or the Executive Committee, as an officer
The person or firm appointed under Article 12.01 of this By-Law
  Authorized Personnel
A person authorized to carry out the CRTO’s banking and investment and includes the President, Vice-President, Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Finance and Office Manager, as outlined in a policy of the CRTO
The person designated to preside over meetings of statutory or non-statutory Committees or panels of the CRTO; includes Vice-Chair who is the alternate designate
The Health Professions Procedural Code, being Schedule 2 of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991
A Committee of the CRTO and includes statutory committees established under section 10 of the Code, non-statutory committees, task forces, a Panel of a Committee and any other Committees established by the Council under these By-Laws
The board of directors of the CRTO, responsible for managing and administering its affairs in accordance with the Code
  Council Member
A member of Council elected or appointed in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act and/or the Act and/or this By-Law
The acronym for the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario
  Duly Constituted
A meeting in accordance with the required procedure where quorum is met pursuant to the By-Laws
By virtue of one’s office, e.g., the Registrar is an ex-officio member of CRTO committees by virtue of their office as Registrar and Chief Executive Officer. In their capacity as an ex-officio member of a Committee the Registrar has the right, but not the obligation, to attend Committee meetings, other than some aspects of hearings. However, they are not entitled to make a motion or vote, and are not counted when determining if a quorum is present
  Fiscal Year
Refers to the period of March 1 to the last day of the following February
In accordance with section 7 of the Code, meetings of Council are open to the public. The Code provides for specific occasions when the Council may exclude the public from a meeting. When the Council excludes the public from a meeting or part of a meeting, it will go in-camera (conduct a private meeting)
An individual appointed by the CRTO to act as an inspector; may also be referred to as “assessors” or other terms set in Policy
Unless further defined, or the context indicates otherwise, is an individual who holds a certificate of registration with the CRTO
  Officer of the CRTO
Includes the President, the Vice-President, the Registrar or an appointed officer
A sub-group of a Committee of the CRTO
  Policies and Procedures
The documented processes or courses of action undertaken by the CRTO in anticipation of or response to foreseeable or recurring concerns or issues
  Presiding Officer
The person who chairs a meeting of Council or a Committee
Any action or process undertaken related to the investigation, hearing or restriction (i.e., terms, conditions and limitations (TCLs) or suspension of a certificate of registration) of a Member’s practice
The profession of Respiratory Care or Respiratory Therapy
  Professional Committee Appointee
A Member of the CRTO who is not a member of the Council, and who has been acclaimed, appointed, or elected to the pool of Members available to serve on committees
  Professional Council Member
A member elected to the Council in accordance with the by-laws and includes a member elected in a by-election or appointed to fill a vacancy
  Professional Corporation
(or health profession corporation)
Refers to a Member, incorporated under the Business Corporations Act, who holds a valid certificate of authorization issued under the Regulated Health Professions Act (including regulations), or the Health Professions Procedural Code
  Public Council Member
A person, who is not a Member of the CRTO/profession, and who is appointed to the Council by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
Includes the register as defined under S.23(2) of the Code and this By-Law; may also be referred to as the “public register”
Person hired by the Council to act as Chief Executive Officer for the CRTO as required by the Code and as described in Article 4 of this By-Law; includes a person appointed as Acting Registrar by the Council during a vacancy in the office of the Registrar or during the disability or prolonged absence of the Registrar
  Regular Meeting
A meeting of the Council to which By-Law 2: Council and Committees, Article 4.01(a) refers
  Related Company
A company, corporation, business partnership or entity that is owned or controlled, wholly, substantially, or actually, directly or indirectly, by a person or another person related to the person
  Related Person

Any person connected with another person by blood relationship, marriage, common-law, partnership or adoption, namely:

  • persons are connected by blood relationship if one is the child or other descendant of the other or one is the brother or sister of the other;
  • persons are connected by marriage if one is married to the other or to a person who is connected by blood relationship to the other;
  • persons are connected by common-law if the persons have a conjugal relationship and live together, have a cohabitation agreement or are the parents (together) of a child;
  • persons are connected by a partnership when they live together or have a close personal relationship that is of primary importance in both lives;
  • persons are connected by adoption if one has been adopted, either legally or in fact, as the child of the other person or a blood relation of the other person
  Respiratory Therapist A Member of the CRTO
  Respiratory Therapy As defined in the Act as the providing of oxygen therapy, cardio-respiratory equipment monitoring and the assessment and treatment of cardio-respiratory and associated disorders to maintain or restore ventilation; includes the practice of Respiratory Care
  RHPA The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, as amended from time to time and includes the Code
  Signing Officer
A person authorized to sign documents on behalf of the CRTO and includes the President, Vice-President, Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Manager of Quality Practice, as outlined in CRTO policy
  Sitting Council Member An elected or appointed member of the CRTO Council
  Special Meeting A meeting of the Council to which By-Law 2: Council and Committees, Article 3.01(b) refers